Home Safety, Comfort and Energy Audits in, and near, Omaha NE

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Contact Information:

Jon Traudt

Health & Energy Company
3316 Augusta Avenue
Omaha, NE 68144
Main: 402-697-1205
Mobile: 402-680-4429
Email: jonandbev@me.com

During the last thirty years, we have helped our clients to improve the safety, comfort, energy efficiency and resale value of their homes.

Your Complete Satisfaction is Unconditionally Guaranteed!

Air-Pressure Difference Monitor

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Air-Pressure Difference Monitor

This air-pressure differential monitor provides an accurate, reliable and affordable means to visually monitor a very low positive, or negative, air pressure difference between a room and:
1. Another room or floor level.
2. Soil gasses under the lowest floor.

Undesirable air-pressure differences in buildings can cause air movement and leakage in ways that adversely affect health, comfort, energy costs, and the longevity of buildings.
— Air Pressure and Building Envelopes by Dr. Joseph Lstiburek.