Everyone who depends on oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels should bring an open mind to the accumulating evidence that fossil fuel supplies are limited and that no adequate energy substitutes have yet been found.

More than 6 billion people are now competing with you for the remaining recoverable crude oil (about 35 cubic miles) and consuming about one cubic mile of oil per year.

Discussing the evidence about potential fuel shortages can be very scary. Being unprepared if severe fuel shortages occur could be even scarier. In the USA, most of our elected officials may remain reluctant to help solve our energy problems until a majority of voters become willing to keep energy consumption within natural limits.

Rapid worldwide implementation of energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy systems can delay fossil fuel shortages, create millions of new jobs, and make us better prepared for the growing shortages of oil and natural gas. The best time to prepare for fuel shortages is NOW while we may still have sufficient fuels, time, metals, and other resources required to make the necessary preparations.