Health and Energy – a Qualified reEnergize Program Contractor!

The City of Omaha and the City of Lincoln have joined together in partnership with the US Department of Energy as one of only 41 programs in the nation to offer the Better Buildings Neighborhood Program. This program is a result of the Better Buildings Initiative which strives to make industrial and commercial buildings more energy efficient by 2020. The initiative provides funding for the high level skills training necessary to educate contractors to become greener and more energy efficient.

The local reEnergize Program achieves this plan through crafting many hours of specialized classes dedicated to training contractors in the weatherization of homes and commercial spaces, energy evaluations, and energy upgrades. These qualified reEnergize contractors will help make businesses, homes, and industrial buildings more energy efficient, safer, and more comfortable as well as reducing the annual energy consumption by up to 25%.

Skilled reEnergize contractors will retrofit buildings with accessible cost-efficient energy practices and technologies to help reduce carbon emissions and save money for families and businesses.

For a contractor to receive the reEnergize approval they must go through hours of both hands-on and classroom-based training. Contractors are given the training needed to comply with EPA and DOE rules and regulations while staying in compliance with the National Historic Preservation rules and regulations. During this specialized training, contractors are also certified on how to do energy audits for both homes and commercial buildings.

Not all contractors qualify to enter the reEnergize program. Each contractor must be licensed and bonded in the State of Nebraska and show proof of all state mandated insurances. Each contractor must perform and maintain background checks on all on-site employees and sub-contracted employees, assuring no criminal history or a drug use background that could indicate a potential threat to residents and/or program staff. Each contractor is instructed to maintain respect for the building and occupants and to wear booties or remove their shoes during the inspection. In some cases, contractors are required to take additional classes and gain certifications before being accepted into the reEnergize program. All Energy Evaluators must have the knowledge, skills, and abilities as set forth in the Waste Reduction and Safety Protocol, the Energy Evaluator Protocol, and General Scope of Work.

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