On-site testing and consulting services to help you improve indoor air quality, comfort, and energy efficiency are now available in the Omaha area. When we finish, you will be asked to pay no more than you think our services have been worth to you.

Air Leakage TestAir Leakage Test

A fan is placed in an outer doorway. During the test, the amount of  air flowing through the fan will equal the amount of air flowing through leaks in the outer shell of the building.

Smoke Pencil TestCool Smoke Pencil

Small puffs of cool white smoke used during the air leakage test will enable you to see where dust, mold spores, pollen, insects and cold drafts have been able to enter.

NOTE: In typical new and existing homes, the gaps, cracks and holes in the outer shell total between 100 and 300 square inches and are open all the time. Ducted air circulation systems in typical homes create significant pressure differentials that drive air through the existing openings between the interior and exterior.

Visual InspectionVisual Inspection

To identify moisture damage, mold growth, leaky air ducts, etc.

Indoor Air Pressure Testing

To identify conditions that can waste energy and damage your health.


To help you solve problems identified during the inspection and tests.

We also offer rating services for EPA Energy Star Homes,  and American Lung Association Health Houses.